Wrestling Requirements

Denver Wrestling Club is open to anybody over the age of 18 with an interest in learning and practicing the sport of freestyle wrestling. This includes men and women of all skill levels irrespective of height, weight, race, age, sexual orientation or physical disability. 

Wrestler requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old 

  • Have purchased a 2021 USAW card

  • Are in good physical shape and you make coaching staff aware of any chronic injuries or physical limitations. 

  • Commit to attending our weekly wrestling practices



Denver Wrestling Club holds wrestling practices every Wednesday evening in the wrestling room at Denver South High School.  Wrestling practices consists of  a mix of warm ups, technique, drilling moves, live wrestling, and open mat time.  For a full schedule of practices and DWC events please visit our calendar page.  


While some of our members like to get out and compete in local and national tournaments, the majority of them chose to become a part of DWC to have fun, learn, and get a good workout.  Competing in a tournament is voluntary.  Our club offers a great opportunity for former high school and college wrestlers to get back on the mat, and offer beginners a fun and safe environment to learn how to wrestle.  Most USAW sanctioned and local tournaments with an adult division are offered in late winter and spring.  


So you want to wrestle with the DWC? You will need to invest in the following gear for the mat:

  • Wrestling shoes - mandatory

  • Kneepads - highly recommended

  • Earguards - highly recommended if you want to avoid cauliflower ear!

  • Singlet - mandatory for competition, optional for practices.  Red/Blue singlets may be required for most freestyle tournaments

  • Mouthguard - recommended

  • Proper undergarments (briefs, sport briefs, compression shorts, speedo, or jock)

  • Socks

If you have any questions regarding wrestling gear please ask Coach Greg. Visit our Links page to shop a wide variety of wrestling gear from our favorite wrestling merchants. Some wrestling gear may be available at local sporting stores. Please call those stores to check for inventory. 

Get in gear, get on the mat, and wrestle!